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tv   Consider This  Al Jazeera  October 10, 2013 1:00am-2:01am EDT

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welcome to al jazeera. here are the top stories following this at this hour. we have breaking news out of africa. the prime minister of libya has been kidnapped. al jazeera confirms he has been kidnapped by a group calling itself the revolutionary operations chamber. there are reports he was taken by armed men in tripoli. in an interview on the bbc, the libyan prime minister called on western powers to stop the spread of militancy in his country. president obama is sitting down with 20 leaders of the republican party thursday in the hopes of bringing an evened to the government shutdown. on wednesday, he met with house
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democrats. in private nonprofit foundation, doing what the government will not. paying for death benefits for the families of american troops killed in action. the government shutdown brought those payments to a halt. the house of representatives unanimously voted to reinstate the benefits for military families. the state department says it is suspending aid to egypt until the countries moves closer to democracy. military equipment worth hundreds of millions of dollars already held back. the u.s. has been spending about $1.5 million in aid to the country every year. the headlines, "consider this" is up next.
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♪ ♪ the prime minister of libya is kidnapped at gun point in tripoli. this just days after he asked western leaders to help stop militants in his country. and u.s. forces captured a suspected al qaeda leader there. a meeting of the minds aimed at ending the government shutdown. president obama invites every house republican to the white house, speak are boehner says only a small group of g.o.p. leaders will attend. dignity denied. the families of veterans killed serving our nation are victimized again by the government shutdown. and signaling displeasure over the military crack down in egypt the u.s. temporarily suspends hundreds of millions of dollars in military aid to


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